Auto Insurance

'Where to' Can Determine 'How Much'

July 1, 2009

(NewsUSA) – Did you ever think that where you drive your car
could determine your automobile insurance deductible? It did for Andrew and Celeste Parker of
Tulsa, Okla.

The Parkers were headed home from their weekly church service when they hit a pipe in the
road that damaged their tire. And while their usual deductible is $1,000, they walked away without
paying a dime because they were on their way home from a religious service.

The Parkers' story may seem surprising, but customers nationwide are adopting similar
policies through GuideOne Insurance. FaithGuard policies, which offer added protection to drivers
headed to and from faith-based events, more than doubled in 2006. The company has offered auto
insurance, with special benefits for churchgoers, for two years, and the policies include people of
all religions.

With the ever-increasing cost of fuel and other travel expenses, it's no wonder people are
looking for new ways to financially protect themselves and save on the road. The National Highway
Traffic Safety Administration's preliminary 2006 results estimated there were approximately 6
million auto accidents last year, which furthers the notion that auto travel can be treacherous and

Weather woes can add another dimension to travel. Rain, hail, snow and icy
conditions not only increase the occurrence of accidents, but can also cause damage to vehicles, as
was the case for Lou Bynum. Bynum, of Granite City, Ill., was at church when a tornado struck. His
car, which sat vulnerably in the parking lot, sustained extensive damage-damage that was covered by
his FaithGuard policy.

For GuideOne Insurance customers who choose FaithGuard, the company also provides
increased medical coverage limits, protection for religious tithing and mortgage and auto loan
payments for those who become injured and can no longer work due to an accident. Additionally,
memorial donations to the insured's religious institution are made should a collision result in

So, the next time you get into your car, think about your destination-it just might save you

GuideOne Insurance is one of the nation's oldest, largest and most experienced insurers of
churches, with more than 43,000 church customers located across the country. For more information
on church insurance or special faith-based insurance benefits for churchgoers, visit or call your local GuideOne agent.