Tips to Spruce Up Your Home for the Holidays

October 20, 2009

(NewsUSA) – Hosting out-of-town family members for the
holidays can be a joy – and a lot of stress. Hosts feel pressured to create the perfect meal and
mood. By the time guests leave, hosts might need a vacation from the holidays.

But keeping a clean home is one task that needn't cause anxiety. Here are some tips
to keep a neat, healthy home through the holidays:

-Make your kitchen sparkle like new. Not only does a clean kitchen make a home feel more
inviting, it also helps to get rid of the germs that can contaminate food and make guests sick.
Start off by thoroughly cleaning kitchen surfaces, like counters, stovetops and floors.

Then, work on tackling built-up problems, like grease on floors and kitchen cabinets. While
many products can remove grease, some can damage wood finishes. If you have wooden cabinets, look
for cleaning products that can remove grease without drying wood. One product, Touch of Oranges
Wood Cleaner, cuts through grease while also reconditioning wood. The cleaner does not contain
harsh chemicals, so it's healthy to use around the home. The cleaner also has a pleasing citrus

-Make your guest bathroom feel like a retreat. Remove water stains using a specialized
product, like Bring-It-On Water Spot Remover, which removes mineral build-up from bathroom tiles
and glass shower doors.

Stock the bathroom with clean, fluffy towels. Add a bowl of potpourri, holiday-scented
candles or a vase with flowers for a special touch.

-Make the guest bedroom comfortable. Make the bed with clean linens and sheets, and
put a vase on the dresser or nightstand. Make sure that guests can adjust the lighting to their
liking. Put reading material in the bedroom.

You can also make a guest basket to help out-of-town guests feel at home. Line a
wicker basket with hand towels, then fill it with unused, travel-sized toiletries.

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