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Opposition to High U.S. Drug Prices Grows

October 17, 2009

(NewsUSA) – Prescription drugs play a critical role in health
care. They save lives, alleviate pain and suffering, and keep people out of hospitals.

But what happens when the people who need them most are not able to afford them?

American consumers pay the highest prices in the world for brand name prescription
medications. Reports show that prices for many of the most common prescription drugs frequently
used by older Americans have increased at nearly triple the rate of inflation since 2000.
Furthermore, American seniors alone will spend nearly $1.8 trillion on prescription medications
over the next decade, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

A growing number of Americans feeling the impact are crossing the border for
alternatives, often seeking out suppliers in Canada.

Pressure is building in Congress to legalize these imports. With the Pharmaceutical Market
Access and Drug Safety Act, some legislators are hoping to establish a system for American
consumers to legally and safely import prescription drugs.

Twelve states approved changes to their Medicare-related pharmaceutical programs, and
another four states have approved laws dealing with Canadian imports, according to the National
Conference of State Legislatures.

Allowing the reimportation of pharmaceuticals could save American consumers at least $635
billion a year, according to the Congressional Budget Office. The act will provide immediate relief
from rising costs and will reverse the economics of American pharmaceutical markets by allowing
Americans to import and purchase FDA-approved drugs at the much lower prices available in other

According to Rx Processing Corp., a company that utilizes licensed American pharmacies and a
licensed pharmacy group from Canada to help Americans obtain prescription drugs from safe and
affordable suppliers Canadian standards meet or exceed FDA drug safety requirements. The only
difference is the Canadian government sets price caps on what drug companies can charge.

With a doctor's prescription, Rx Processing Corp. can help Americans take advantage of
reduced costs on more than 1,500 medications.

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