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Not Using Audio Books, Why Not?

December 10, 2009

Not using audio books is just dumb! I would guess you are not reading books either. Are your kids doing their home work? Are they being assigned to read books? Are they reading books on their own for pleasure or for extra credit?

If you are happy with what is going on in schools now a days then you are not paying attention. We are falling way behind the world. We are the greatest country in the world and still we are ranked 15th or worse in the world for our educational prowess. How can that be?

Our school systems are turning out average or below average people. There are about 5% or less that excel but that is not hard when you compare them to all of the average or below average students we have. Are you satisfied with the education you got or the education your children are getting?

Here are 4 statistics that shows how are system fail us…

1). There is 14% of our population that cannot read & write.

2). Less than 2% of our population is controlling the other 98%.

3) Less than 5% of our school kids are above average students.

4). Less than 46% of our population has read two or more books last year.

Each year we turn many of our children into adults that cannot read or write. That percentage of illiterate new adults has remained constant for over 20 years. The percentage was and still is at 14% but now we have a population of 300 million an increase of 100 million over the last 20 years.

That means that we have 42 million people that cannot read and write. That’s pretty sad stuff. What does that say for our education system and the politics behind them?

We have 6% of our population that is unemployable. That unemployable number has remained constant for over 40 years. When we assume that the 6% is also part of the 14% then we have the remaining 8% that are working at mostly menial labor jobs or sometimes jobs or spend a lot of time unemployed and on welfare. A large percentage of the 14% also vote on election day. How do they vote and for whom are they voting for? Do you know!

Almost all of our politicians are lawyers. We don’t trust lawyers yet we select them to run our country.

Read more books or if your schedule is too hectic, get audio books to fill in the times when you or your children can’t read but could listen. If you really want to learn what you have just read, get an unabridged audio book and listen while you read. You will retain more then you would ever believe.

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