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Not Using Audio Books – How to Multi-Task Using Audio Books

December 10, 2009

Using Audio Books while doing every day activities is the best way to multi task.

How to fill in your busy schedule and read at the same time.

1). Parenting is very important to the vast majority of family minded people. It is the top item of the list of married folk and most people over the age of 21.

As the children continue to grow they get involved in many disciplines. It may be the arts or sports or many other things or any combination of these things.

As you grow your family and have more children, the demands on your time grows exponentially. It seems you’re in the car all the time and your time is not yours any more.

Here is an opportunity to kill 3 birds with one stone. Use audio books on iPods or mp3 players to listen to a great book while your children are participating or practicing.

Or how able playing an audio book in the CD player for them all to listen to while going from event to event. Or read a book while listening to the audio book, a great way to retain and learn the information in the book.

2). Let’s say you are over weight and have decided you need to diet and exercise to lose that few extra pounds you have put on. Now don’t say “Who Me?”. Yes you!

What are the chances of you being able to read a book or even watch TV with all of the distractions of the exercise equipment. Even if the equipment is not motorized, just the use of it will make noise and distractions.

So why not listen to an audio book while doing your exercises to drum away the monotony of the exercise. You just know that the only way you are going to get any books read is by listening to your book.

3). It would be very distracting to be romantically involved with your partner while trying to read a book. But being involved while listening to a very exciting romantic book would be a great change of pace.

This is one that is not done very often but I thought I would throw it in to catch you trying to sleep while reading my article. For sure it would help make your partner exciting again.

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