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Not Using Audio Books? Crazy Reasons For Using!

December 10, 2009

This is the 8th of 8 articles about why we should use Audio Books.

I am going to attempt to wrap up the last 7 articles and show you how to get the most out of digital – audio books.

I have given you 21 reasons why audio books are a smart idea.

For those of you that were on the fence, this should have put you over. I am going to give you one more reason why audio books are a great idea for you and your family.

I have shown you that it is very easy to help your children improve their reading skills. I have shown you how you can fill in your busy schedule so that you can also read books. Do you miss the times you read to your kids? Don’t you miss the time you used to be able to read?

Don’t you get tired of listening to the same music whenever you turn on the radio. Don’t you get tired of your kids running around like lunatics because they don’t have anything else to do? Don’t you get tired of the same old TV programs on. Even the new ones are just remakes of old ones.

You could “reread” the classics that you read when you were a kid or listen to a new biography or romance novel or science fiction book or anything else.

The huge numbers of audio books, with it’s variety will keep you busy trying to listen to them all for the rest of your life. They are easy to select, you can listen to excerpts, they are easy to download. You can be listening to a new novel, story, play, radio broadcast, comedy skit and many others in minutes.

Like they told you when you were young, the world is open to you just by reading a book. You could travel the world through the stories being told. Or you could live your life vicariously through the authors.

Finally, like I told you in the last article reading is great fun but if you want to retain what you read then you must read and listen to an unabridged audio book while reading the same book to get the most value out of reading.

But if you just don’t have time in your busy schedule or the same for your children then it is time to start a library of audio books. You can just load them to your computer or “burn” them to CD’s or mp3 players or iPods.

Remember, unlike books, audio books can vary from copy to copy just depending on who the reader is and if they make it interesting. They are not all the same book as each company will have their own reader and they will vary. So go to some where that has samples of the book, usually 3 to 5 minutes. Listen to the book and see if you like it. If not move on or get it if you do like it.

Good luck and happy listening.

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