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Movies Delivered To Your Door

July 1, 2009

(NewsUSA) – In today's society, convenience is clearly a
driving force for consumers. And now more than ever before, Americans are using the Internet to get
what they want, when they want it.

In fact, in 2004 American consumers racked up $117 billion in online spending, with a fair
share of that amount spent on entertainment and entertainment news.

One of the latest entertainment options – Blockbuster Online – is a new, easy-to-use
online DVD rental service that can bring the movie store right to your door with just a few clicks
of a computer mouse. With more than 30,000 titles to choose from, movie lovers can rent all the
movies they want, from the hottest new releases to independent, special interest and hard-to-find

For less than $15 a month, Blockbuster Online users can rent up to three movies at a
time and return them at their convenience with the provided pre-paid postage envelope. After a DVD
is returned, the next title from the subscriber's online movie queue is mailed, and will usually
arrive within one to two days.

"By combining the power of the Internet, the magic of the movies and the trusted Blockbuster
name, we're offering the ultimate in home entertainment convenience at an incredible value," said
Shane Evangelist, senior vice president of Blockbuster Inc. and general manager of Blockbuster
Online. "And for those times when you can't wait for a movie to arrive in your mailbox, we offer
the flexibility to rent movies and games at our stores."

The new online DVD rental service is especially convenient for people who live in rural
areas, since online access means there's no need to drive long distances to the rental store. Busy
parents and on-the-go professionals – or anyone starved for time – also have easy access to the
latest and greatest releases, plus many of the classics.

"We've designed a service that really delivers for our subscribers," said
Evangelist. "There are no due dates, no late fees, unlimited DVDs at your disposal, and we're the
only online DVD rental service that gives each subscriber two free in-store rentals each month,
good for movies or games."

To learn more and sign up for a free service trial, visit