Make Room for Holiday Fun

October 20, 2009

(NewsUSA) – The holidays mean get-togethers, but cramming the
extended family into a single home can create more strain than peace and goodwill.

The experts at Merry Maids offer these easy cleaning tips for a sparkling clean and
welcoming holiday home.

Tackle the shared living space:

-Remove clutter from chairs, couches and end tables. This will create more seating
to watch the big game or your favorite holiday movie.

-To clear floor space, temporarily move any pet beds or floor pillows to another, less
public room. Use a damp sponge or the bottom of a clean sneaker to remove pet hair from the floor
and upholstery.

-Be sure to clean any folding chairs that may be used before bringing them into
your home. An all-purpose cleaner or mild soap and water should do the trick.

Keep your kitchen spotless:

-Clear countertops by removing items you will not use, like toasters or cookie
jars, and store them in cabinets. This will give you more space to prepare your holiday dinner.

-Keep the sink clear of dishes. For stainless steel or ceramic sinks, rinse the sink after
each use and wipe with a clean, dry cloth. Drying the sink will prevent mineral deposits from
building up on the surface.

-If you have dried-on food in the microwave, fill a two-cup glass measuring cup with a cup of
water and the juice from one lemon. Microwave for about 45 seconds or until the water boils. This
should create steam in the microwave that will loosen dried-on foods, so you can wipe the microwave
clean. The lemon juice will provide a fresh scent.

-Restore the shine to your silverware by giving it a quick, gentle scrub with lemon
juice or toothpaste. Then rinse it and buff it with a soft cloth.

Use lighting to set the mood:

-If you don't have time to dust and polish, the right lighting can help set the
mood while taking attention away from unfinished tasks. Candlelight casts flattering shadows and
helps create a warm, relaxing setting.

-After the guests leave, consider hiring a professional home-cleaning service so you can get
a moment to relax.

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