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September 13, 2014

Flying Lotus
Flying Lotus: You're Dead! Teaser (via SoundCloud). “I have so much loss in my life that I might be an authority on the fucking subject,” says Steven Ellison, aka Flying Lotus. He specifically mentions losing his parents, plus several other friends and …
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Flying Physicians support third class medical reform
Eighty percent of doctors responding to a survey done earlier this year by the Flying Physicians Association believe that the current third class medical system is not necessary, does not add to safety, and can be eliminated for private flying. Many of …
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15 insider tips on how to fly First Class without paying for it
Money talks, and spending a lot of time and cash flying with one airline counts. Katherine Clark, regional business development director for TripAdvisor Flights says: 'Join a frequent flyer club and start earning miles. When airlines are oversold they …
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