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June 3, 2015

This Guy Thought It Was a Good Idea to Drive Around With Thousands of Bees
A Montana driver was cited for reckless driving after he was found with thousands of bees flying freely in his car. The Montana Highway Patrol troopers responded to a report on May 22 near Missoula of a “vehicle driving all over the road,” UPI reports.
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French Open Spectators Freaked Out By Airplane Flying Backwards (Video)
That reality is much more lame than the potential invention of backwards-flying planes, but it's a pretty clever move on Fly Emirates' part. The wire camera automatically moves back and forth to capture the action, and when the sun is in the right spot …
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Syndergaard's Flying Start Crashes to Earth
SAN DIEGO — Noah Syndergaard had just thrown the worst inning of his young major league career, and as he came off the mound, he held his glove to his face. He shouted into it so loud and so forcefully that his head thrust forward, his neck veins …
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