Host a Crafting Party For the Holidays

October 20, 2009

(NewsUSA) – With the holidays nearing, it's time to start
decorating your home.

Short on time and low on budget? Decorating can be a challenge during this busy time of year.
To make it more fun, why not ring in the season with a holiday crafting party? Afterwards,
everyone's homes will be filled with a multitude of holiday cheer.

Ask each guest to bring ribbon, fabric and other decorative elements to share with the
rest of the group. This will provide everyone with a wide variety of materials to work with. To
boost creativity, have ornaments, photos or holiday magazines on hand. Add some holiday music or
movies and you'll be ready to celebrate the season in style.

Here are a few simple project ideas to get you started:

* Card holder. Using a festive grosgrain ribbon and a frame of your choice, you can
create an attractive bulletin board made especially for displaying holiday cards. It eliminates
clutter that cards create when thrown on a desk or table.

* Homemade cards. The holiday season wouldn't be the same without sending cards by
mail. Making them is simple, and sending a one-of-a-kind message makes the greeting even more

* No-sew ornaments. Brighten the tree with handmade creations. Choose a fabric and
design that suits your style to create a tree that reflects your personality.

To make no-sew ornaments, you will need: Perfect Glue 1, patterned fabrics,
templates, a disappearing ink pen, fiberfill or batting for stuffing, ornament cord or decorative
ribbon, scissors, pinking shears and a mini hole punch.

Cut the fabric into squares and layer two to four pieces, right sides facing in each
layer. Trace the template onto the back of the fabric and cut out. Apply a line of Perfect Glue 1
along the edges of one piece of fabric, leaving an opening for stuffing. Press onto another fabric
cutout and dry for one hour. Repeat with remaining fabric cutouts.

Once dry, trim the edges of the ornament with shears. Carefully stuff with fiberfill
or batting. Once stuffed, apply glue along the edge of the ornament opening and press shut. Punch a
hole in one edge of the ornament and thread the ornament cord or decorative ribbon through the hole
for hanging.

Need inspiration to get started? Visit for great project ideas. Leave the site
up for your guests to quickly check instructions before starting.