Get the Most Out of Gift Cards

October 22, 2009

(NewsUSA) – Gift cards are always popular gifts for birthdays,
holidays and anniversaries. In fact, the National Retail Federation estimated that gift card sales
will totaled nearly $25 billion in 2008, and a recent poll by Discover Card found that 54 percent
of survey respondents said they received between one and five gift cards during the

With gift cards flooding pocketbooks and wallets, it's no surprise that some become
forgotten and go unused. In order to ensure that you receive the full value of your gift cards,
consider these tips offered by Discover Card:

-Put gift cards in a handy place. Many people forget that they have gift cards, so their
free money goes unspent. If your gift cards usually go from your stocking to your desk drawer,
consider carrying them with you so you will have them on hand at the right moment.

-Label your gift cards. Knowing the dollar amount left on the card will make shopping easier.
One trick may help: Place a piece of masking tape on the back of the card, and write the new
balance each time you use it. Some gift cards also have convenient lines on them so you can track
the amount left after each purchase.

-Shop online. Put gift cards to good use by hitting up sales from the convenience of
your home. If you shop online, store the gift card by your home computer so you remember to use it
at check-out. Some gift cards can be sent electronically, so those who know they won't use a
traditional gift card may opt to send or receive an e-gift card instead.

-Use gift cards to buy others' gifts. If you're on a budget, use gift cards to
purchase gifts for birthdays and other occasions. If the gift card is a general-purpose card, like
a Discover Gift Card, you won't be limited to one specific store -; it can be used everywhere
Discover is accepted.

-Donate the gift card. Many charitable organizations accept full or partially used
gift cards as donations. Check your favorite charity to see if it has this donation option.

-Swap it. There are several Web sites where you can buy, sell or trade your gift cards. Or,
if you want to get creative, have a card swap with your coworkers or friends where everyone can
trade for the cards he or she wants.

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