De-Stress Your Holiday Travel Plans

October 15, 2009

(NewsUSA) – The holidays can be stressful, and if travel is
involved, it can add a new layer of angst to an already hectic time of the year.

If air travel is inevitable, there are ways to remove some of the chaos – during the
holidays or any time a trip is on the schedule:

-Book early. With fuel prices in flux, chances are airfares will only be going up.
Lock in the best fares and the best seats as soon as possible.

-Send your luggage and gifts ahead of time with shipping companies. While it might
add some additional cost, it reduces the amount of stuff you have to carry as well as the chance
for it to get damaged, lost or stolen.

-Check on airport status before leaving home. The Federal Aviation Administration can advise
you of arrival, departure, weather and air traffic control delays at

your laptop at home. This is another way to reduce your burden. You can always install a free
remote-access program

like LogMeIn (https://secure.log on your home and work computers and then log in
securely from a computer at your destination – whether it's a hotel or Grandma's house.

-Rent a car with GPS. Or buy an inexpensive, compact unit and take it with you. The
peace-of-mind that comes with knowing you will not get lost is almost priceless.

-Print out everything, and carry it with you in a manila folder, in the order
you'll need for your trip. This includes itineraries, boarding passes and hotel and car rental
reservation confirmations. Make sure that customer service numbers are written on them in case you
are delayed or have to re-book on the fly. Once you are done with that segment of the trip, toss
out that paper, and the next segment will be in front.

-Haven't flown in a while? Traveling with kids? The Transportation Security
Administration has helpful advice on how to pack, up-to-the minute security procedures and how to
make sure you and your family can glide smoothly through airport checkpoints. The latest
information is updated at

When it
comes to travel these days, an ounce of planning is worth a suitcase full of relief.