Can High-Profile Park Projects, Catalysts for Development, Play Nice With Neighboring Communities?

July 21, 2018

With more signature parks like NYC’s High Line and Chicago’s 606 in the pipeline across the U.S., park advocates, community groups, and local leaders continue to grapple with related effects such as gentrification and increased housing costs. One response has been a “slow park” movement: pre-emptive community engagement, subsidies and investment in affordable housing, and a focus on keeping the communities benefiting from these public investments from being displaced.
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Kids E-Z Travel Lap Tray, provides organized access to drawing, snacks and activities for hours on-the-go. Includes BONUS printable travel games, Patent Pending (Black)

Kids E-Z Travel Lap Tray, provides organized access to drawing, snacks and activities for hours on-the-go. Includes BONUS printable travel games, Patent Pending (Black)

  • ✏️ UNLIKE ANY OTHER TRAY: While other trays are flimsy, cheap, soft and bent, ours comes with foam and plastic tray inserts to create a solid, firm and flat surface for your child to write and play on. This means your child will have self-entertainment within arm’s reach, where ever you go. Patent Pending
  • ✏️ FOCUS ON THE ROAD and prevent fighting kids in the back seat; without using electronics, kids will be occupied and creative! They will be busy using their kids lap tray.
  • ✏️ UNIQUE FEATURES (PATENT PENDING) include larger size than most travel trays, zipper-protected pocket and expandable storage to hold notebooks, crayons, snacks, or even a tablet
  • ✏️ DURABLE and WIPEABLE for quick playing and eating, and even MACHINE WASHABLE for germ-free cleaning
  • ✏️PERFECT FOR FAMILIES ON THE GO: Holds crayons, snacks and toys, preventing them from rolling off or from tray giving way on your child’s lap

You are on the road no longer than 5 minutes when your toddler screams in anguish about their dropped crayon. While trying to maintain control of the car, you reach blindly behind your seat desperately hoping to grab a hold of that possibility for a peaceful ride. Alas, you failed. This all-to-familiar scenario HAS to have a better alternative, where you don’t need to risk everyone’s life just to keep what your children need in their grasp!


When you purchase your E-Z tray, here is what you can expect, where creative self-entertainment is always within arm’s reach!

E-Z Tray provides a safe, flat and sturdy surface where your child can eat and play. And it is E-Z to put on and E-Z to take off: simply wrap and click the strap around your child’s waist.

This Snack and Play Travel Tray Features:

  • Two removable mesh pockets for storing supplies and snacks
  • Includes a cup holder built into the kids travel tray
  • Machine Washable: remove interior foam and plastic insert before washing
  • Material Types: Ripstop Polyester fabric, nylon and inner foam pad
  • Expandable Back Zipper Pocket provides additional, large storage for paper, books and tablets
  • Foam insert provide a soft cushion on their lap; Sold Plastic Tray insert creates a sturdy drawing table
  • Dimensions: 15X12X3 inches
  • Color: Charcoal Gray with Red Trim

As a parent, make traveling fun and E-Z for everyone with E-Z Travel Tray. Creative play is just an order away! E-Z Travel Lap Tray. Available now. Orders yours today!

List Price: $ 39.99

Price: $ 24.99