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Bruce Arena has a sarcastic response for everyone who thinks he should get fired

October 12, 2017

Following the U.S. Men’s soccer team’s humiliated pre-World Cup exit at the hands of Trinidad and Tobago, by far the most humiliating result in the country’s history, head coach Bruce Arena looks to be a dead man walking. As I wrote yesterday, it’s not entirely Arena’s fault this U.S. team missed the competition, but he’s not the man to take this team forward. His tactics were antiquated at best and amateurish at worst. The U.S., simply put, needs new leadership. I’m not alone in that mindset. Those calling for the USSF and Arena to part ways have been growing since the loss, so TMZ asked Arena about those fans calling for his head. His response was diplomatic, but also rather sarcastic: “We

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