Aviation and the Role of Government

February 17, 2018

Aviation and the Role of Government

Aviation and the Role of Government

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The NEW edition of Aviation and the Role of Government, by Harry Lawrence of the Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, features revisions of almost all chapters, several completely rewritten chapters, as well as new statutes and cases added throughout.

Aviation and the Role of Government includes:

  • updates to cover all significant aviation related government actions and transportation events including NextGen, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Treaties, Alliances, Space Developments and others
  • an expanded history of Pratt & Whitney and its contribution to American world air superiority by the development of the radial engine
  • the ongoing contest over slot allocations and ownership between the government and the airlines
  • patent litigation history and resolution during WWI by the Wright brothers and Glenn Curtiss

Aviation and the Role of Government chronicles the involvement of government in the evolution of air transportation, including passing mention of early governmental involvement in prior modes of transport, such as the maritime and railroad industries, which formed the foundation of aviation.

List Price: $ 167.92

Price: $ 167.92