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Arthritis Pain Sufferers Find a Natural Remedy

October 17, 2009

(NewsUSA) – Most likely, you or someone you know has to deal
with the agony of arthritis.

This painful condition is the No. 1 chronic illness in the United States, affecting
40 million Americans of all ages. Most forms of arthritis are associated with chronic pain, which
can plague individuals for a lifetime.

Conventional medicine offers many medications to treat arthritis, including
corticosteroids and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Both types are capable of producing
complications, such as kidney and liver damage and gastric irritation and ulceration.

One rarely mentioned side effect is inhibition of cartilage repair, which actually
worsens the condition.

Due to these serious side effects, many consumers turn to natural medicine for
relief from their arthritis pain. One natural product that many arthritis sufferers turn to is

The primary component of Flexcin is cetyl myristoleate, an ester of a fatty acid.
Fatty acids are the building blocks of oils in the same way that amino acids make up proteins.
Therefore, cetyl myristoleate acts as a lubricant for joints. It also boosts the immune system and
has an anti-inflammatory effect on joints and muscles.

A recent study showed a significant improvement of 63.3 percent in patients receiving
cetyl myristoleate. The study was conducted by Dr. H. Siemandi and

involved 382 patients who had been diagnosed with degenerative joint disease, rheumatoid
arthritis and psoriatic arthritis.

Of all the ingredients in the Flexcin, cetyl myristoleate is the most powerful
anti-inflammatory agent, according to the manufacturer. How was it discovered? In 1962, Harry
Diehl, a researcher from the National Institutes of Health, was attempting to chemically induce
arthritis in laboratory mice. Curiously, the mice did not develop arthritis. In fact, it turns out
that certain breeds of mice are 100 percent immune to arthritis.

Diehl spent the next two years isolating the substance, unique to mice, that prevented
arthritis – cetyl myristoleate. He then injected cetyl myristoleate into other

animals and found that it prevented arthritis in them as well.

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